Inspiration: 6 amazing picture quotes

My close friends call me «bumper sticker girl». I tend to have a quote for every given moment and I thank the internet for that. (I can pretend I am a very philosophical person).

I have a folder in my computer that I open when times get tough and I need a little inspiration. I want to share with you these six amazing picture quotes.

meaningless friendships

I really don’t have the time for that.I am currently in a process of letting go of useless relationships. I mean, why on earth should I be with someone who always tries to bring me down or with someone I don’t like?

holding on to anger

I am letting go of old grudges. They are useless and time-consuming. I have so many things to love that I really don’t have time to hold on to anger.


This picture talks for itself. Absolutely true.

broken person

Many times I have tried to «save» others and got hurt in the process.

prisonThis is very sad but true. At the end of the day haters are going to hate. It doesn’t matter if you do right or do wrong, people are still going to have their opinion, so being captive of their approval is just a waste of time.

strong be strong

I can relate to this so much. I was scared of many future situations and always thought I would never be able to confront them . I never knew how strong I was, until that was the only choice I had.

What is your favorite? 

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