Inspiration: 6 amazing picture quotes

My close friends call me «bumper sticker girl». I tend to have a quote for every given moment and I thank the internet for that. (I can pretend I am a very philosophical person).

I have a folder in my computer that I open when times get tough and I need a little inspiration. I want to share with you these six amazing picture quotes.

meaningless friendships

I really don’t have the time for that.I am currently in a process of letting go of useless relationships. I mean, why on earth should I be with someone who always tries to bring me down or with someone I don’t like?

holding on to anger

I am letting go of old grudges. They are useless and time-consuming. I have so many things to love that I really don’t have time to hold on to anger.


This picture talks for itself. Absolutely true.

broken person

Many times I have tried to «save» others and got hurt in the process.

prisonThis is very sad but true. At the end of the day haters are going to hate. It doesn’t matter if you do right or do wrong, people are still going to have their opinion, so being captive of their approval is just a waste of time.

strong be strong

I can relate to this so much. I was scared of many future situations and always thought I would never be able to confront them . I never knew how strong I was, until that was the only choice I had.

What is your favorite? 

Project «Go for it»: big positive changes

big change quote

When I was nine, my family moved from Milan to Caracas. It was exciting to move to a tropical country where I would be dressing like summer all year-long. Back then I didn’t speak a word in Spanish but after two weeks, I learned this exotic language. I loved the change.

After my eighteenth birthday, I went to study Performing Arts abroad. Moving from Caracas to Toronto did had a small impact on me because I knew how cold it would be and I would be living on my own far away from my family. That was a huge change for me, but I was passionate about dance and the big world that would uncover before me. Then it got to the point where I wasn’t happy anymore. I was sick all the time and I had lost my spark. So after a year, I decided to change my life and return home.

Once I was home I felt better. After all I was with my family and Jimmy. My goal was to get healthy again. After six months I got a call to meet with a producer in Miami. I was really excited that Jimmy was coming along. Not to bore you with details, I was traveling back and forth to Miami for four years. I had my home there and my home in Caracas. I was singing and recording all the time and I was really happy living the life I had always dreamed about. Eventually it came to an end. I had to leave everything and return to Caracas. Once again, big change. 

I found this picture-quote on the internet and I realized how much I can identify with it. Changes are indeed scary. Every time I have made a big change in my life I felt anxious and somehow I always returned to point zero. Then again I know that if I hadn’t done it I would be miserable right now. I love my mistakes because they make me who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing about the past. 

These last three years I have been stuck in a circular life. So the time has come for me to make another change. I am gathering forces to achieve it because I like to fight for my dreams. I am conscious that I have a long way to go, but everyday I am closer than I was yesterday. 

To all the dreamers out there, go for it. This is the only life we have, we better make the best out of it.


Home improvement: hallway workspace

When we first moved to our new apartment I hated all of the things that the previous owner had. I was determined to redecorate almost everything. Let me just say this guy had a terrible taste. I thought I had seen it all until I saw the hallway. There was a workspace in the middle of nowhere with a horrible bookshelf that was no use at all. I promised myself to eliminate it and install new bookshelves but for two years that space was abandoned. Not good, not good at all.

la foto

We finally decided to take it down. I say «we» but my boyfriend did all the heavy work. (Please excuse the leopard box and the stool, but we had to use them to be sure that the bookshelf didn’t fall once we unscrewed it from the wall.) Once everything was down, the wall was looking even worse.


I filled the holes and sanded the wall. After two coats of white paint, it still needed some love. So I let it dry and continued with two more coats the next day.


So before this, I did try to make it a workspace. The problem was the ugly wall, the messy cork board, the in-the-middle-of-nowhere printer and the accumulated office supplies.


Once I painted the wall, I tried to start from scratch. I hanged the ballerina painting where the cork board used to be. (Jimmy gave it to me for my birthday and I thought it would give a personal touch to the place). I moved the cork board in front of the computer, added a sticker calendar and hanged a Coca Cola picture to give it a fun look.

I found a stool for the printer that would go next to my chair. That way I can have it near me and it also hides the ugly electrical sockets in the wall.

I organized the drawers and stored my office supplies leaving outside just the essentials. I added a small Aloe Vera plant, some books and a frame with a happy picture. I have to say that I like it more this way. It still needs improvement but I am happy the way it turned out.



Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the books…I have no idea why it ended there.
la foto 2

Here is the tutorial for the little jar with a bear lid. It gave my office a nice touch.
la foto 1

What do guys think?

Not so cold: long-sleeve top inspiration

You have no idea how much I love long-sleeve tops. Since the ballet days, this piece has been a must on my wardrobe because it is versatile and comfortable. There are tons of different fabrics and designs. There are the cotton ones, the sweater tops, the dressy, the sporty, the elegant, the comfortable, you name it.

I usually buy them extra large because I like to show my shoulder from time to time. I like to wear them with leggings. Sometimes I throw in a belt or statement necklace if I want to make it more dressy.

The fashion inspiration for this week:
long collage

You can find the tops here. 



Culinary shot: my Instafood

Instagram is by far my favorite app for sharing pictures. That been said, I also love to take pictures of what I am about to eat. Some people find this annoying, some do it too, both of them are valid points of view. I really like to eat colorful foods and I always try to make it a healthy choice.

Today I have selected my favorite «Instafood» pictures from my Instagram page to share with you. 



Guilty: bad habits decoded

I don’t consider being extremely tidy and anxious bad habits, I just think of them as part of my personality. There are certain things I don’t like about myself that I would love to change. Here are my five bad habits I’m working on changing:

1) Skipping breakfast.

I am guilty of skipping this important meal. I try not to but unfortunately I sometimes do due to lack of time in the morning or being not hungry at all. A year ago I started paying more attention to my breakfast habits and I’m proud to say I am on the right track to making it a good habit.

2) Cursing.

I do curse a lot. I grew up with mostly male friends so you can imagine how much I curse. I really try not curse when I’m in a public place or speaking to people I don’t know, but once I get to know you, I start cursing like a sailor. I’m really working on that too.

3) Grinding my teeth.

This is very annoying. I really can’t control it because I usually do it while I’m sleeping. Think about it like snoring. I have chipped my back teeth and I’m currently using a custom-fitted mouth protector at night. Not very sexy.

4) Drinking too much coffee.

Wonder why I am anxious all the time? Well this is part of the answer. I love coffee. I can have it all day, everyday. I had to cut it down because I was extremely agitated all day. One or two cups a day is fine, but I have to learn to not over do it.

5) Overusing my car s honk.

If you hear someone honking behind you like a maniac, it is probably me. I try not to do it but in the country I live in, people seriously don’t know how to drive and I find myself honking all the time. I will work on it, I promise.

Do you guys have any notorious bad habits?

«Paris: the good, the bad and the ugly» by Eva

For this Project Friday’s post we will have Eva from as our guest blogger. Make sure to check her inspiring and wonderfully written blog. I have to thank the internet for letting me make such nice friends. She is witty, smart and also happens to be an incredible writer. In this post she shares the story of her Paris trip.

Here is Eva’s post:

I should have known that when the flight attendant spilled Coke on me on the London-Paris flight, it was an omen that set the tone for the rest of the trip. But who could be angry? I was on my way to Paris for a 5 day trip with my fiancé.

Photo 01

Even though I learned French in High School and college, I was apprehensive about using it after such a long time. My fears were pushed to the back of my mind when a more pressing matter arose. My luggage didn’t come out on the airport conveyor belt.

I grabbed the first airport employee I saw and spilled my problem in French to him. Judging by his reaction, he understood what I needed and wasn’t appalled by my accent. He pointed me to the Air France office where I repeated my story once again to a very pleasant lady. She started answering to me in English. I kept speaking in French. She answered in English. I stubbornly stuck with French. I got my paperwork and we were on our way to the hotel.

Photo 02

Photo 03

We spent the evening strolling around Paris even though we were exhausted from the redeye flight from the US. After circling Notre Dame, we decided to get something to eat. A close by restaurant called St. Andre appeared half empty and welcoming. Alas, this restaurant was the devil’s den. The shady waiter was in cahoots with the local pick pockets (as we later discovered) and as we enjoyed real French onion soup, someone reached in my fiance’s bag and stole my wallet with all my money, credit cards, driver’s license and most importantly – my green card.

Photo 04Photo 05Photo 06

Later that night, after the discovery of the missing wallet, I spent hours on the computer in the reception of the hotel trying to cancel my credit cards because the thieves already racked up a $1,600 tab from shops around Champs-Elysees. By now, my French language shyness was fully gone and I quizzed the hotel clerk on how I could get a police report.

Close to midnight, we set off in search of the 13th arrondissement police station based on the map the hotel clerk provided. The map took us to a train station and we wondered around looking for the police office. After a while, we noticed one lit window with bars over it and a policeman standing outside, smoking. I was about to knock on the door when I heard a buzzer. I pushed the door open and almost fell as I stumbled off the step into the brightly lit room. There were three policemen – one about 50 years old, dressed in a sweater and jeans, one around 35 dressed in a workout outfit and a young guy in his 20’s dressed in a full blown police getup.

“Bonjour…” I started my spiel and frantically set on explaining my ordeal. To my chagrin, I didn’t realize that the whole time I was trying to refer to my portefeuille (wallet) I kept saying portemanteau (coat hanger). The policemen figured it out, were very nice and we spent about an hour typing up the report, with them firing questions at me in French and me, surprisingly, able to answer every time.

Around 2 AM, we arrived back at the hotel and I sent several pleading emails to the US embassy because according to their site, there were no appointments available until two weeks from that day.

The next day, we spent the whole morning trying to contact the US embassy and finally, after leaving numerous messages in both languages and sending more emails, I got an appointment for the next day. We were exhausted but still managed to enjoy some of Paris like Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysees.

Photo 07

The next day I was fortunate to get my paperwork started at the embassy despite the online list of various documents I needed to bring and didn’t have. I even contacted my green card attorney in the US and she emailed me some documentation to help me. After an interview with the consul, who turned out to be a girl in her late 20s, I walked out of the embassy with the instructions to come back two days later for my travel document.

Photo 08

Now we could finally breathe a sigh of at least a partial relief. We went around Paris and enjoyed the typical French breakfast and lunch. Upon the arrival to the hotel later that afternoon, I was greeted by my dusty and battered suitcase. Hooray! I couldn’t wait to change clothes and finally look chic. But, in line with the omen of the spilled Coke, things got more complicated yet.

Photo 09Photo 10Photo 11

During dinner, as we sat drinking our second bottle of wine, I received a phone call from my eye surgeon from NY telling me that my pathology report said that my eye cancer was back. He refused to discuss the treatment on the phone and just hinted at two more surgeries. I was glad I was fairly drunk at that point as this news found me numb with disbelief.

Despite the lost luggage, stolen wallet, stolen green card, uncertainty of getting back to the US, and the cancer re-occurrence, we still relished sitting in the cafes, eating boeuf bourguignon, and drinking in the atmosphere that only Paris has.

Photo 12Photo 13Photo 14

We made it back to JFK and after an interrogation worthy Guantanamo Bay, I was allowed back into the US. Then I waited for eight months to get my green card replaced. But despite all that, I still love Paris. I visited there when I was 5 years old, then when I was 16, and last when I was 35. Hopefully I will return again soon (with a money belt).

Photo 15

Thank you Eva!  🙂

As easy as it gets: jar decor

potecito portada

The first time I found this tutorial on Pinterest, I was obsessed and made tons of golden jars. Since my apartment was resembling a jar store, I baked miniature cookies and put them inside as gifts for friends. Smart right? I have a few at home where I store my craft buttons and other different small items.

You will need:

– Gold spray paint (or any other color you like)

– Glue gun

– A jar with a lid

– Plastic little animals (I used an old Barbie’s teddy bear)

potecito 1

Glue the plastic animal to the lid and spray paint.

potecito 2

There you go: fun and useful.

potecito 3(Just so you know, the turquoise frame behind the jar is now gold. Yup, more spray paint.)


Vanity table inspiration

There is something glamorous about having your own vanity table. It is a place where your makeup rests and all your little beauty trinkets fit.

Since a little girl I always wanted one. On my 25th birthday my boyfriend bought one for me and you can imagine how happy I was. The only problem was I wasn’t in love with the color. So I let out the little Martha Stewart that lives in me and gave it a fresh look. I sand it and then coated with white paint. I kept the original stool’s fabric because it gave it a vintage look.

Here you can have a peak at my vanity table in an old post.

I thought white was splendid so this picture inspired me to paint mine that same color.

vanity 1

Simple, organized and lovely.

vanity 4

I really like the idea of a hanging closet next to your table.

vanity 5

Pretty light and pretty stool.

vanity 3

This is the cutest vanity table I have ever seen.


Do you guys like vanity tables? Do you have or would like one?

Let us shine: statement necklace inspiration

I’ve realized that I have a tons of extremely big necklaces. They are a wonderful piece that can change a simple outfit to a fabulous one. If you are going to wear a big necklace be sure you keep your earrings to a minimum, you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree.

collage necklace

I usually post links for you to find the product online (you are welcome), but this week I am going to change things a little and share with you some tutorials on how to make your own fabulous necklace.

1) Neon statement

2) Here you can find tons of ideas

3) Brass necklace

Opa! Let’s cook some Greek food

You have no idea how much I get excited when I think about Greek food. It takes me back to my childhood where my Yiayia (grandmother) used to cook for me and I could eat anything I wanted. Nowadays I have a very limited diet but I sometimes ask my mom to cook for me some of her special dishes.

What I love about Greek food is how many vegetables are used in the recipes and I have learned to eat them all since a little girl. I did get my green on a daily basis and I still do.

I want to share my favorite Greek foods. I will try to make some of these recipes for the blog. I searched the web for some accurate recipes but stumbled upon Greek webpages. Not a good idea. So I looked further and found english alternatives for this recipes.

1) Tzatziki. This is a wonderful yogurt-cucumber dip that can be served next to a Greek salad or with roasted lamb.

greek recipe 1

2) Obviously the Greek salad. This was the first recipe on my blog. It’s easy, colorful and fun. You can serve this next to meat or chicken. You can also have it as a main dish if you wish to keep it simple.

ensalada griega lista 3

3) My mom still cooks this at least once a month. I love to have it for dinner or lunch. It is a good way to eat your protein and vegetables at the same time. I present you the eggplant Moussaka.

greek recipe 3

4) It is very difficult to find tender grape leaves to make this recipe, but once you do, it becomes heaven. Dolmathakia are stuffed grape leaves with rice.

greek recipe 2

5) I left dessert for the end. My mom and my grandmother make semolina Halva all the time. My mom sometimes makes it sugar-free for my sister. This recipe is a combination of simple ingredients that taste like heaven.

greek recipe 4

I hope you try some of this recipes!  Kali oreksi! (Bon appetit)

Wanderlost: 5 places I want to visit

Lately, I have found myself in a state of nostalgia of the places I have visited and how wonderful it felt. I find myself with the desire to be anywhere except here. Has it ever happened to you?

Trapped in our daily routine we often forget how big the world is and how many things we still have to see. Personally, I want to find the courage to move but there are still many things I have to sort out before I go.

Meanwhile I want to share with you the places I would love to visit. It is kind of a small bucket list.

1) My father-in-law was from Sicily. Mr. Carmelo was one the most special people I have ever met. He sat whole afternoons telling me about this wonderful place.


(Photo credit: )

2) Since my mom is Greek, this country has been part of my heart since a little girl. My mom made sure I learned Greek and I will be truly thankful for that my whole life. I stumbled with this picture on the internet and fell in love with it. My aunt has been there and told me it is magical. This is the Melissani Cave, Kefalonia.

 kefalonia greece

(Photo credit: )

3) A dear friend went on a short trip to Istanbul. He really loved the place and gave me amazing tips for my future trip. The only word I know in Turkish is «Yavrum», depending on the context, it means «my dear». Since Turkey is near Greece I might even visit Istanbul and Kefalonia at the same time. Convenient right? 


(Photo credit:

4) Blame Woody Allen for this one. When I saw the movie «Vicky, Christina, Barcelona» I fell in love with this city. I have plans to live there one day, who knows. 


(Photo credit:

5) The Taj Mahal, India. This has been on my bucket list since a little girl. I would absolutely love to go there. 


(Photo credit:

I would love to know, what are five places that are in your bucket list?