Craving right now: Italian comfort food

There are certain dishes that my mom made when I was a child that I still love to eat today. Every time I smell basil or tomato sauce, I jump back to 1994 in a second.

My dad loved «Bruschettas» and the classic «Pasta al Pomodoro». With time I started to love them too. Those where the good times when I used to eat as much as I wanted. Lately, I have been under a lot of stress and I find myself craving those meals. I can understand why they call them «comfort foods».

Two weeks ago I shared my favorite Greek foods and today I will share my Italian comfort foods. I can’t have them often because of my migraines but I do cheat from time to time.

1) Bruschetta. This is simple, fresh and delicious. There are tons of different types of Bruschettas but I like the classic one. I always make it when I have unexpected guests over because I always have the ingredients at home. Sometimes I make some gluten-free bread and it tastes like heaven with the tomato and basil.


2) Risotto ai funghi porcini (Mushroom risotto with Porcini). This is a fantastic alternative to pasta. When I was little I used to sprinkle so much Parmesan cheese on this meal that my mom used to tell me «Natascia you are not eating risotto with a little Parmiggiano, you are eating Parmiggiano with a little risotto».


3) Pasta al pomodoro. This is my ultimate comfort food and I love it madly. I am not kidding. I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life. I cook this sauce with gluten-free pasta but I also found a great alternative with zucchini noddles.

pasta pomodor

4) Rosemary focaccia. I don’t have to explain how delicious this is. Be prepared to jump of excitment: here is a gluten-free version.


5) Nutella. This one is obvious right? Let’s all dedicate a minute of silence to the Ferrero Company for inventing such a delicious, decadent and addictive desert since 1964. For me nothing compares to this. Period. If it wasn’t for my migraines I would have it every day. (After the pasta al pomodoro obviously.)


Do you guys have any favorite Italian foods?



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