Project «Go for it»: big positive changes

big change quote

When I was nine, my family moved from Milan to Caracas. It was exciting to move to a tropical country where I would be dressing like summer all year-long. Back then I didn’t speak a word in Spanish but after two weeks, I learned this exotic language. I loved the change.

After my eighteenth birthday, I went to study Performing Arts abroad. Moving from Caracas to Toronto did had a small impact on me because I knew how cold it would be and I would be living on my own far away from my family. That was a huge change for me, but I was passionate about dance and the big world that would uncover before me. Then it got to the point where I wasn’t happy anymore. I was sick all the time and I had lost my spark. So after a year, I decided to change my life and return home.

Once I was home I felt better. After all I was with my family and Jimmy. My goal was to get healthy again. After six months I got a call to meet with a producer in Miami. I was really excited that Jimmy was coming along. Not to bore you with details, I was traveling back and forth to Miami for four years. I had my home there and my home in Caracas. I was singing and recording all the time and I was really happy living the life I had always dreamed about. Eventually it came to an end. I had to leave everything and return to Caracas. Once again, big change. 

I found this picture-quote on the internet and I realized how much I can identify with it. Changes are indeed scary. Every time I have made a big change in my life I felt anxious and somehow I always returned to point zero. Then again I know that if I hadn’t done it I would be miserable right now. I love my mistakes because they make me who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing about the past. 

These last three years I have been stuck in a circular life. So the time has come for me to make another change. I am gathering forces to achieve it because I like to fight for my dreams. I am conscious that I have a long way to go, but everyday I am closer than I was yesterday. 

To all the dreamers out there, go for it. This is the only life we have, we better make the best out of it.


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