6 Things I do at home on a rainy day


Lately rainy days never seem to stop. That is the thing about tropical countries: it rains, sun comes up, it rains again.

I have to confess I don’t mind this weather unless I am wearing my bikini ready for the pool and all of a sudden it starts raining. Yes, this happened a week ago. There I was last Thursday extremely happy that I had the day off so I threw a bikini on, embalmed myself with sunscreen and went to parent’s pool. Just when I accommodated myself on the reclining chair, coffee in hand and magazine on the other…BAM!…rainiest day you will ever see in a fraction of a second.

But I still love the rain. No hard feelings. I like raindrops on my window and you may think I am crazy, but I love the smell of wet grass. So since it is raining a lot I gathered a list of six things I do while I am at home when it is raining outside.

1) Laundry. I hate to leave all the laundry for Sunday, so I wash two loads so it doesn’t accumulate for laundry day.

2) I download a quick workout or take out my Jillian Michael’s videos. Just 20 minutes and I feel really good about myself.

3) Watch a movie. Or I usually catch up with my recorded shows.

4) I write on my blog, my journal or add something to my screenwriting notebook. I just adore to write, rain somehow inspires me.

5) I move things around my room and vamp up spaces that feel dull. (Yes, organizing and cleaning once again).

6) I take some time to scrapbook. I never have time for that so when I can’t go outside, I love to take out my crafting materials.


Do you guys have any particular ideas for a rainy day?