Prima Ballerina Fashionista

A ballerina’s grace is something very hard to achieve. Either you are born with it or you are not. That airy attitude and graceful movement is something unique and beautiful.

Ballet has influenced fashion in many ways. Wedding gowns, chiffon dresses, ballerina buns and the marvelous ballet flat.

I love ballet. There was a period of my life where I danced until I dropped. Ballet taught me discipline, commitment and above all perseverance.

This week’s inspiration comes from classical dance.


1) Float with this turquoise chiffon dress

2) Take me to the theater dress

3) All day ballet flats

4) White swan dress

5) Black swan style

6) Easy ballerina bun tutorial 

7) Simple and colorful everyday dress

8) Take me dancing with this

Do you guys like ballet?

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