Summer, sweet summer


This photo was from last summer. We went to Miami to make some music and ended up having an improvised vacation. Those are the good things about loving the work you do. The first days were a little unpleasant thanks to an idiot who calls himself a «producer» (no dear, mumbling in a luxurious studio is not being a producer. Call me when you learn a thing or two about being a decent human being.)

Some days later we met with our dear friend Dennis from Dmenace Music and had a wonderful time in his studio. I forgot how fun it was hanging out with him and his good vibes. We made this song that I shared in a past post.

I miss the beach. I would love to be swimming right now and then have some light lunch somewhere along the seaside. I would love to have my morning run in the hot sand and watch the sunset accompanied with some seagulls.

Oh good times.

I plan on having my little bucket list for this summer even though I will be staying right here in the city. I will share it with you next week.

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


4 rooms with an impressive view: Italian edition

There is something magical about opening your window and seeing a wonderful landscape or breath-taking scenery. There are no words that can describe the feeling you get when you open the curtains and paradise is waiting for you outside.

I found four amazing pictures of Italian rooms with a splendid view. Let’s just visualize we are there…soon.

1) Let’s leave our shoes right there before stepping out.

hotel 1 view

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2) Good morning sunshine.

hotel 2 view

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3) Imagine sitting here. I could spend hours writing and writing non stop in that chair.

hotel 3 view

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4) I love this view (and the incredible smoothie and fruits that apparently come with it).

hotel 4 view

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