5 things I loved about Las Vegas

Last week was all about traveling. While I blogged I was actually in Las Vegas. This was my first time there and Jimmy and I had a nice vacation. Our experience was not as you may expect. There were no crazy nights out or pool partying. But there was a lot of walking, shopping and eating. We experienced a total different Vegas vacation. (On our second day Jimmy was rushed to the E.R. He had kidney stones and was experiencing excruciating pain. After two days he felt better though.)

I want to share with you guys five things I loved about Las Vegas. There are also many things I did not like, but that I guess would be a total different post.

1) Let me get this out of my chest: I have been a Britney Spears fan since a little girl. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I do love her so please don’t hate. One of the main reasons of this trip was going to see her Vegas residency show. It was AMAZING. This is the first time I see her up close and she is beautiful. Best night of our trip. (Sorry Jimmy for dragging you to the concert, but let’s admit we did have fun!)


2) We stayed the first five days at the MGM Grand and the last ten days at the Cosmopolitan. The last hotel was spectacular and they gave us a fantastic room with a breath-taking view.


3) We are early risers, so you can imagine how peaceful the mornings were with no one around in the streets and the pools. Those were our relaxing moments.


4) We usually woke up at 6:00 am. Some mornings were really cold so we had coffee while walking in the streets. (From time to time we saw people from the night before returning to their hotels and some healthy runners.)

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5) I got to spend quality time with Jimmy. This trip would not have been the same without him. He made me laugh everyday.