Hairstyle inspiration: «the Bob»

I love this hairstyle. It is classy and elegant. The problem is I can’t pull it off unless I live with a flat-iron under my pillow. It’s not happening for me. Sure, I have worn wigs for photo shoots and the occasional party, but believe me if I cut my hair that short I will resemble a poodle who just got into a fight with his hairdresser.

corte bob

After seeing the movie «Chicago» I just got obsessed with Thelma’s hair. She looked so glamorous. So this week’s inspiration is «The Bob». I investigated a little and found out that there are different kinds of styles for this haircut:

  • Chinese bob: Cut at the neckline, bobbed up around the edge.
  • A-line bob: A typical bob cut, with slightly longer hair in front, cut in an asymmetrical style.
  • Shingle bob: An old-fashioned, dome-shaped bob with the back razor-cut very short into a V shape.
  • Chin-length bob: Cut straight to the chin, with or without bangs.
  • Buzz cut bob: Where it is shoulder-length in the front and close-cropped at the back.
  • Shaggy bob: A messy bob layered with a razor.
  • Shoulder-length bob: A blunt bob that reaches the shoulders and has very few layers.