Bohemian vibes: the Boho hat

I have a little boho-girl who lives inside me. She rarely comes out, but when she does, it’s all about relaxed dresses and numerous rings.

I have been looking for the perfect boho hat lately and I am still on that mission. So for today’s fashion inspiration I found some gorgeous pictures of what I call «the boho hat».

boho hat boho hat 2


1) Here you can find numerous styles of this hat.

2) The Urban Outfitters one.

3) Summery feeling.

Summer Fashion Inspiration

Where I live, we have approximately ten months of sunny days and only two partially chillier months. No drastic wardrobe changes from season to season. But the weather does get a little hotter in June so I usually leave the cardigans and jackets at home before I go out. (I am always cold though).

I like to celebrate Summer by wearing more neon colors, long maxi dresses and colorful pieces. I gathered some pictures for my Summer inspiration.

summer 1summer2