Problem solving: 3 things that help


Since I arrived from my last trip, I have been shamelessly procrastinating. I am proud to say that I am a very organized and efficient person, but lately it seems like my battery went…well…off.

I am waking up 2 hours earlier than I did before but somehow find myself postponing important events and trying to push back things that worry me. See? I said «push back», that is not a good sign.

I won’t bore you with the very long list of things that worry me but instead I am going to give you 3 things I do every time I find myself in this situation. I hope it helps you when you need it.

1) Don’t push back what is worrying you.

Acknowledging what is wrong is the first step. Don’t try to distract yourself from the real problem. Instead, take a moment and think about it. Please, by any means, don’t do at night when you go to bed. I have found that all my problems seem bigger when my head is against my pillow.

2) Write it down. 

I find it very helpful to write down all the things that are bothering me. This is not an easy task, believe me you will feel a little drained while doing so, but then you will feel absolutely better. Once you have your list or your paragraph written down, take a close look at it. Write down next to each thing an apparent solution. If you can’t find one, don’t worry. It will eventually come to you. Not all things can be changed, the only thing that definitely can change is your perspective towards them.

3) Think. 

You are the master of your thoughts. You are the one who controls your mind, nobody else. Don’t allow someone else to interfere with your happiness or your peace of mind. When you find yourself thinking unrealistic negative thoughts, stop yourself right there. You have to train your mind to think positive just like you trained your mind all these years to think negative.