Inspiration of the week: Sneaker Wedges

When I first saw this kind of shoe, I didn’t like it at all. I thought: it was either a wedge or a sneaker. But after I saw this gorgeous spanish blogger’s pick, I fell in love with the trend.

There I was one day on a shopping trip looking at the Isabel Marant’s sneaker prices and had second thoughts about it. So I gave up on them temporarily.  Walking by I saw the Zara window and there they were waiting for me: electric blue sneaker wedges. Fantastic price and the last pair was my size. To make a long story short, I love my little acquisition.

Here they are:


collage 2collage 1


Inspiration of the week: navy stripes

My mom loves stripes when it comes to clothing. At first, I did not like them because they looked weird on me. Then as I got older, I found out that not every type of stripe is for every type of body. So I was using them wrong. Wide stripes do not look good on me so now I choose thinner ones. For this week’s inspiration (thanks mom) I chose navy stripes.

Let’s just pretend we have some white shorts, a navy striped shirt, bare-feet and some sunglasses walking in the beach… Sounds lovely to me.


A punch of neon

Nothing reminds me of summer like neon colors do.I love them.

I started using neon nail polish and I really like how colorful my hands look. I also like how a bright pink or a fluorescent yellow can brighten any black outfit!

Bright accesories, colorful shoes and statement dresses can all stand out with a punch of neon.

neon 2 neon 1



Color me yellow

When I was a little girl I used to have this bright yellow dress that I always wore. It made me feel shiny and happy. Every time I wear yellow I get in a good mood and sometimes without even thinking about it I wear it to cheer me up.

My inspiration for this week is yellow pieces that can be worn with black and white or even be bold and mix it up with a turquoise or dark grey for a chic contrast.

yellow2 yellow yellow1


Just a little shoe inspiration

I adore shoes. I always end up buying really glamorous high heeled ones and end up wearing my black ballerinas though. But when I go out, heels are a must. The medium heel is not for me; it makes my legs look funny and weird. So I look really tall or really short. It’s ok, I can  deal with it.

Today I want to show you some pictures I found on my fashion board on Pinterest that are my shoe inspiration.

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Let’s organize: closet edition

closet 1

Photo credit: DeliciouslyOrganized

Don’t we all wish to have a big walking closet where all our wardrobe’s pieces would lay there like a fancy and glamorous store? Off course we do. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the space and end up asphyxiating our clothes one on top of the other or one next to the other if we are lucky.

I usually follow this guide that I hope will help you out:

1) Choose a day when you know you will have time to take everything out from your closet. (When I say everything, I mean it.) You will be able to have a perspective of everything you own in your closet.

2) Clean the space. I like to use a natural cleaning spray that is a mix of water, vinegar and a little baking soda to clean everything from top to bottom.

3) I am terrified of moths. These little fellows have a passion for eating my lovely shirts and I refuse for my clothes to smell like naphthalene. I bought some essential oils that are natural moth repellents and make your closet smell amazing. (Mix in a small bowl the next essential oils: lavender, spearmint, cedar wood and cinnamon. Pour in a spray bottle and spray where you cleaned before. Let rest until dry.)

4) Now it’s time to move to your clothes. I usually have two boxes. I label my boxes with «donate» and «maybe». Then I start dividing my clothes in piles depending if they are skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, bathing suits, shoes, etc. I also divide my eyewear, jewelry, scarves, hats, belts, everything.

5) I start by returning to their original place all things I wish to keep and start putting in one of the boxes all the things I wish to donate. The pieces that I am having second thoughts with, I put them in the «maybe» box.

6) When you put the things you are going to keep back in the closet, divide them by type. Dresses go with dresses, pants with pants, etc. I like to organize my clothes by color because it is easier to find things when I am in a hurry. (Yes, I am that kind of girl.)

6) When I am done organizing the things I want to keep and the things I want to donate, I go to the «maybe» box and start trying everything on. Clothes that are not flattering or I haven’t worn in a really long time go to the «donate» box and the things that I like go back to the closet. (It’s ok to have pieces that have a sentimental value to you, but please don’t become hoarders. The point here is to make some space and get rid of things you don’t use anymore.)

There you go! Now you know everything that’s in there and you probably have more space.