Sunday at the park


Jimmy and I have been having a lot of stressful days lately and it was time for us to take a break and connect with nature. We took the day off and went for a walk in the park at Madrid’s Casa de Campo.

It is spectacular.

There is an amusement park and a huge zoo. Acres and acres of green pasture and lovely trees. The day was warm and at some point I even took my coat off. We sat on a small blanket that I brought from home and relaxed soaking in all the sun we could.

After that, we took a long walk and arrived to the «Telesferico» (cableway) just to find out it took you to the center of the city.

It was fun and little bit scary since I am afraid of heights. Jimmy was having a blast watching my face go from terrified to extremely happy and back and forth.






My favorite place to hide

13My italian family lives in Tuscany. They have a beautiful place in the mountains of Coreglia. I spent most of my childhood in this house and every time I go there, it reminds me of happy times.

My grandparents used to live there. I never met my grandfather but my «Nonna» was the reason I went every summer.

Now that she is gone, I still go there every two years and disconnect myself from the world. No cell phone or internet. Just me, the mountains and nature. On the upper floor lives my aunt Anna and on the lower floor my aunt Gabriella with my uncle Paolo.

2My days there begin very early. I like to have coffee in the garden and go for a long walk. Walking in the forest is like therapy for me. The only sounds you hear are bird singing, the wind and the river.

6The house has a big garden on the back with my uncle`s herb, fruit and vegetable garden. I love when it is strawberry time.


The town is close to our house and we normally go walking to say hello to some old friends and walk through the picturesque streets.


We sometimes go to the farmers market and I have so much with all the vibrant colors around.


Someday I would love to live in a place like this. In the city we often forget what the wind sound like because all we hear is the noisy streets. There is a big difference waking up and knowing nature is surrounding you rather than get lost between tall buildings.

Maybe it is just nostalgia talking right now. I miss visiting my nonna Emilia`s place and remembering how lovely her voice sounded when she called from her balcony «Ciao cocca!»9



The art of relaxing: 5 things that help me unwind


We all have those days; you wake up and every-single-thing feels like a slap in the face. Yes, you know what I am talking about.

Everybody has different ways of relaxing. People often told me meditation was a wonderful thing to do when you are stressed. The last thing I want to do when I am stressed is meditate, I mean, seriously? Please do not get me wrong, I love to meditate but not under stressful circumstances.

Here are five things that help me get through moments of stress:

1) I go for a run.

It works every time.I sweat, I mentally curse a little, then I am a brand new person.(Can this count as meditation?)

2) I watch a movie.

If I am feeling like a potato-couch, I dive in my sofa and watch a movie. (Not a horror one obviously.)

3) I make myself some tea.

There is something about tea that soothes me.

4) I cook.

I go to the kitchen and make something yummy. It brightens my mood right away.

5) I put my favorite classical music playlist.

Since the ballet days I fell in love with this genre. It has been scientifically proven that classical music is good for relaxing.

Sometimes I do more than one of these at the same time…

What do you guys do to relax?