Food blogger interview: Mavi de Armas


I was looking forward for this blog post since I saw the amazing recipes and pictures of my good friend Mavi de Armas (isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?!) and her blog «Avant Garde Pty». We met a very long time ago in Venezuela and we clicked right away; she was funny and witty and we always had fun when we saw each other (yaaaas).

So there I was one day scrolling down her Instagram feed loving her amazing and stylish blog pics and I thought it would be a fun idea for her to join us in an interview here at The Golden Limoncello and let us know a bit more about her amazing blog.


1) What motivated you to start your blog?

My love for food…The story is that I had tons of food pictures in my phone, so one day I thought… why not share? Avant Garde was born because I wanted to find the most beautiful products and create beautiful compositions so I discovered that not only I am a cook, I’m a food stylist.

2) How did you pick your blog’s name Avant Garde Pty?  

Well «avant-garde» is a term that is used mostly for art…and for me, food is art, it is beauty, The most simple way of describing food styling is by saying that it is the combination between art and gastronomy. Avant Garde is a compilation of food styling, food experiences, tricks, travels and more.


3) What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I need to be truly sincere, it’s an obsession! I want to share everything with my followers, it’s a lifestyle! I always think about what I’m going to photograph, what recipe to cook, and it’s very exciting eating at restaurants and sharing my experiences.

4) If you had to pick, which would be your favorite recipe post of your blog? My famous Fudgy- sweet salty brownies! They are insane!  My husband and friends just love them!


5) Sweet or salty?

Both!  In the same preparation! I think that is my favorite flavor, I love the combination of caramel and sea salt! It’s a vice.

6) Who is your biggest inspiration? 

In the kitchen, my husband is my main inspiration! He is a great chef, I’m very proud of him and I just love the way he cooks!


7) All your photos look amazing! What is the most important thing for you when you are taking photos for the blog? 

I want to make food more beautiful that it is. I love to prepare the food  for the eye, for the camera. Food has to speak for itself.

8) Let’s pretend I come over for dinner, what would you cook? 

Well first that would be awesome! I love to make dinner parties in my home, if you come over for dinner I’ll start with some Cozze Bianco (one of my favorite dishes),  Tagliatelle with truffle butter and lobster and for dessert Crêpes à la crème.


9) Can you give us a trick that never fails in the kitchen? 

After cooking the green vegetables , place them in a bowl with water and ice. It activates the greenery.

10) Last but not least, can you share a quick, easy recipe that you love? 

Of course! You have to try this delicious shake…

Foto 24-6-16 11 25 06 a.m.

All photos credit to © Maria Victoria de Armas

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Let’s bake something

I don’t know about you guys, but me…this time of the year…it means baking.

I was reorganizing and taking a look at my Culinary Tuesdays and came up with the idea to share with you guys my three favorite sweet recipes of the blog. I will bake some new stuff and share with you the process really soon, but meanwhile…let me indulge you with some fun recipes that you can cook this holiday season and share with your friends and family.

Cinnamon Paleo cookies


Carrot cake

Lemon Pie

pie 6

Three easy Spanish tapas recipes

The words food, recipe and easy are a perfect combo. I am craving Spanish food really bad these days. With all the boxes around me and the little kitchen supplies left, I am trying to do as little cooking as possible. I am keeping this recipes here so I can cook them once I settle down in my new home. I found these recipes on Martha Stewart’s site, so get the cocktails ready and let’s have some tapas!

1) Stuffed piquillo peppers.

spanish tapa 1

2) Tortilla Espanola con chorizo

spanish tapas 2

3) Fried herbed almonds

recipe 3

Watermelon: fresh and easy recipes

Dear watermelon: you are my favorite fruit.

It’s fresh, watery and sweet. Be careful here though, because watermelon is naturally sugary. I once ate so much of it I literally couldn’t move. My Greek family always eats it with feta cheese in Summer and since hotter days are coming ahead, I want to share with you three easy and refreshing recipes based on our beloved fruit.

I also found this pin on how to choose the perfect watermelon.

1) Watermelon feta skewers from Yum Sugar’s website.


2) Oh I can’t wait to try this spicy salad from Love and Lemons.


3) Hot afternoons? Here is your solution from Yummy Supper.


Dinner party menu: Gluten-free version

I enjoy cooking for others. There is something unique and special about making food that other people enjoy. The expression on someone’s face when they like the meal I am serving is priceless. (They also have a specific expression when they don’t like the food, but we are not going there.)

So today I gathered some recipes and came together with a nice gluten-free menu for a dinner party. I am definitely going to try this and I will let you know how it turned out.


– Coconut curry

– Grilled rosemary and garlic salmon served with roasted polenta with avocado and radishes

– Sugar-free lemon curd mousse

Coconut curry recipe and photo thanks to Minimalist Baker:

first course

Grilled rosemary and garlic salmon recipe and photo thanks to Fake Food Free:

second course

Roasted polenta with avocado and radishes recipe and photo thanks to Dishing Up The Dirt:

side 2

Sugar-free lemon curd mousse recipe and photo thanks to the blog Nemacreditoqueesaudavel (the english version of the recipe is at the bottom of the post.)



Craving right now: Italian comfort food

There are certain dishes that my mom made when I was a child that I still love to eat today. Every time I smell basil or tomato sauce, I jump back to 1994 in a second.

My dad loved «Bruschettas» and the classic «Pasta al Pomodoro». With time I started to love them too. Those where the good times when I used to eat as much as I wanted. Lately, I have been under a lot of stress and I find myself craving those meals. I can understand why they call them «comfort foods».

Two weeks ago I shared my favorite Greek foods and today I will share my Italian comfort foods. I can’t have them often because of my migraines but I do cheat from time to time.

1) Bruschetta. This is simple, fresh and delicious. There are tons of different types of Bruschettas but I like the classic one. I always make it when I have unexpected guests over because I always have the ingredients at home. Sometimes I make some gluten-free bread and it tastes like heaven with the tomato and basil.


2) Risotto ai funghi porcini (Mushroom risotto with Porcini). This is a fantastic alternative to pasta. When I was little I used to sprinkle so much Parmesan cheese on this meal that my mom used to tell me «Natascia you are not eating risotto with a little Parmiggiano, you are eating Parmiggiano with a little risotto».


3) Pasta al pomodoro. This is my ultimate comfort food and I love it madly. I am not kidding. I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life. I cook this sauce with gluten-free pasta but I also found a great alternative with zucchini noddles.

pasta pomodor

4) Rosemary focaccia. I don’t have to explain how delicious this is. Be prepared to jump of excitment: here is a gluten-free version.


5) Nutella. This one is obvious right? Let’s all dedicate a minute of silence to the Ferrero Company for inventing such a delicious, decadent and addictive desert since 1964. For me nothing compares to this. Period. If it wasn’t for my migraines I would have it every day. (After the pasta al pomodoro obviously.)


Do you guys have any favorite Italian foods?



Opa! Let’s cook some Greek food

You have no idea how much I get excited when I think about Greek food. It takes me back to my childhood where my Yiayia (grandmother) used to cook for me and I could eat anything I wanted. Nowadays I have a very limited diet but I sometimes ask my mom to cook for me some of her special dishes.

What I love about Greek food is how many vegetables are used in the recipes and I have learned to eat them all since a little girl. I did get my green on a daily basis and I still do.

I want to share my favorite Greek foods. I will try to make some of these recipes for the blog. I searched the web for some accurate recipes but stumbled upon Greek webpages. Not a good idea. So I looked further and found english alternatives for this recipes.

1) Tzatziki. This is a wonderful yogurt-cucumber dip that can be served next to a Greek salad or with roasted lamb.

greek recipe 1

2) Obviously the Greek salad. This was the first recipe on my blog. It’s easy, colorful and fun. You can serve this next to meat or chicken. You can also have it as a main dish if you wish to keep it simple.

ensalada griega lista 3

3) My mom still cooks this at least once a month. I love to have it for dinner or lunch. It is a good way to eat your protein and vegetables at the same time. I present you the eggplant Moussaka.

greek recipe 3

4) It is very difficult to find tender grape leaves to make this recipe, but once you do, it becomes heaven. Dolmathakia are stuffed grape leaves with rice.

greek recipe 2

5) I left dessert for the end. My mom and my grandmother make semolina Halva all the time. My mom sometimes makes it sugar-free for my sister. This recipe is a combination of simple ingredients that taste like heaven.

greek recipe 4

I hope you try some of this recipes!  Kali oreksi! (Bon appetit)