7 Things I am loving right now: June edition

These past two weeks have been hectic. I am studying, working and trying to have a social life.

Lately, I have had more bad days than good but I am happy brighter days are peaking ahead. I want to share with you guys seven things I am loving right now so I can also remind myself that there is always something that makes us smile.

1) I just mastered the Paleo crostata. Well, not actually «mastered» per se, but it came out pretty good. Finally after many baking mistakes I got it right!


2) I am enjoying coffee, the balcony and the weekends. Loving the Summer breeze.


3) Sunday sunshine. I am loving some alone time too.

image (5)

4) Nina enjoying a little photoshoot. 

image (6)

5) Since warmer nights are starting to peak in our bedroom, I changed my bed sheets to «Summer» mode.

image (3)

6) I was having the worst day ever. Rainy day, bad traffic, constant arguments with everyone. When I arrived home, I went to my little balcony to get some air and this happened: the brightest rainbow I have ever seen.

image (4)

7) Gluten-free red velvet cupcake!

Foto 01-05-14 10 07 28 a.m.

So this will become my little personal tradition: every time I am feeling down I will write down 7-10 things that make me happy. Bum! Instant happy mood. 🙂




June 5th through my Iphone


Yesterday I had a very calm and relaxed birthday. This day off was very much-needed. I woke up and had a yummy gluten-free breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen so my day started pretty nice. After that I pampered myself a little and then went to my parents house to spend the day with the family.


At night we went out and had a yummy dinner (sushi anyone?) with my family and Jimmy.

I was very excited to receive a lot of phone calls from Greece and Italy. I got to talk to my grandma who always brightens up my day. I am so grateful for having people who love me and I am so thankful that I got to spend the day with people I love. One of the best things today was receiving a lovely handwritten card from my sister Stefi. When I was a small girl, I would wish for a little sister. Now that I have her by my side I feel like the luckiest person alive.


Jimmy was very sweet all day. He takes birthdays very seriously and always tries to make them special. He got me this giant-singing-flower-candle that was spinning around on top of my cake.


My dad was telling funny jokes all night and my mom was smiling next to my mother-in-law. We laughed, we ate and we had fun.

I feel happy and blessed.



Some time for myself: my day though my Iphone

Yesterday was one of those unexpected «free-days» and I took advantage of it doing what I like. Here is my day through my Iphone.

1) 6:00 AM. First thing in the morning (after two glasses of water) is my needed coffee.

day 1

2) 6: 30 AM. My quick breakfast: «fried» eggs. (They are not actually fried. I used no oil since I have a fantastic nonstick pan.)

day 2

3) 8:00 AM. Morning run: 45 min of cardio to burst up my energy for the day.

day 3

4) 9:20 AM. Home, shower and get dressed to go out. (I was fully dressed when I took this pic, I promise).

day 5

5) 10:40 AM. No going to the office or the studio today so I thought it would be nice to visit my parents. (Random pic before stepping into the elevator.)

day 4

6) 11:30 AM. Arrived at my parents and had coffee with my mom since my dad wasn’t home. This has to be one of the prettiest views to have while drinking coffee.

day 7

7) 1:10 PM. Had lunch with my mom.

day 8

8) 3:00 PM. Went to my old room to organize some documents and Nina kept me company (she is camouflaged by my pants).

day 9

9) 4:35 PM. Arrived home to study for a couple of hours.

day 10

10) 6:20 PM. Packed my weekend getaway bag.

day 11

11) 7:00 PM. Baked next week’s Culinary Tuesday tutorial. Yummy recipe coming next week.

day 12

12) 8:30 PM. Had steak tartare for dinner. This was SO good. Thank you Jimmy.

day 14

13) 9:45 PM. Worked on the blog and checked my emails. Then went straight to bed.

day 13

Vanity table inspiration

There is something glamorous about having your own vanity table. It is a place where your makeup rests and all your little beauty trinkets fit.

Since a little girl I always wanted one. On my 25th birthday my boyfriend bought one for me and you can imagine how happy I was. The only problem was I wasn’t in love with the color. So I let out the little Martha Stewart that lives in me and gave it a fresh look. I sand it and then coated with white paint. I kept the original stool’s fabric because it gave it a vintage look.

Here you can have a peak at my vanity table in an old post.

I thought white was splendid so this picture inspired me to paint mine that same color.

vanity 1http://decor8blog.com/2010/11/25/beautiful-norwegian-home/

Simple, organized and lovely.

vanity 4http://www.papernstitchblog.com/2011/03/16/a-simple-workspace-to-end-the-day/

I really like the idea of a hanging closet next to your table.

vanity 5http://hom-e.tumblr.com/post/13330145863/for-more-beautiful-homes-www-hom-e-tumblr-com

Pretty light and pretty stool.

vanity 3http://homeandinteriors.tumblr.com/post/18433134490

This is the cutest vanity table I have ever seen.

SONY DSChttp://weheartit.com/entry/26745328/via/katruuu

Do you guys like vanity tables? Do you have or would like one?