5 things: welcome Spring!

I have to confess that Winter 2015-2016 was not that bad this year in Spain. I haven’t figured out if it the new apartment’s heating system or that this winter was not as bad as the last one.

Enough said about Winter and let us welcome Spring. First of all I already have my bucket list written down for this season and second of all I am über excited about putting away my coat. There is something magical about taking out clothes I love that I haven’t worn in a while. You have to see me «unpacking» the spring/summer clothing it feels like Christmas all over again… I am like «oh this is cute» and «oh I forgot I had this cool piece here».

My Spring bucket list:

  1. Terrace make-over
  2. Spring cleaning (yup I do look forward to this)
  3. Buying more flowers
  4. Picnic in the park
  5. Spring color nails
  6. Outdoor planting
  7. Donating clothes

As for what has been going on lately, I want to share 5 things that are feeling a lot like…Spring.

1) Light colored nails while writing some new lyrics and adding chapters to my book.

Foto 22-3-16 10 09 18 p.m.

2) I did cut my hair a month ago and it grew so fast. I think I am going to be needing another haircut before Summer. 

Foto 14-3-16 9 38 25 a.m.

3) Baking some paleo cinnamon banana-apple pie. I think this will be a good tutorial in the near future for the blog. (Btw: It was so yummy)

Foto 17-3-16 8 27 19 p.m.

4) New photo shoot by «House of Flow». Can’t wait to share it soon!

Foto 30-3-16 12 48 11 p.m.

5) We have a new recording booth at our home! More lyrics, more music!

Foto 30-3-16 12 47 32 p.m.

It’s time…

its time post

Photo by Jose J. Figueroa

This year I’ve decided it’s time.

 It’s time to embrace what’s around me and start to open my eyes.

 It’s time to focus on what matters and leave in a drawer what is not important. It is so hard to let go of the things that bother us because we have gotten so accustomed to feel uncomfortable in our own skin.

 It’s time to stop obsessing over the mirror and not make a big deal out of the fact that last month’s jeans are a little tighter.

 It’s time to stop comparing yourself to…anyone.

It’s time to make a list of the things you love because, somehow when they are written down they feel more real.

 It’s time to say I love you. It’s time to let “that” grudge go…and allow yourself to heal. It’s time to cry a little and let it go.

 It’s time to become the best version of you…because if not now, then when?

It’s time to smile to yourself and pick up the pieces from the floor.

 It’s time to shine darling…