Go pretty: organize your makeup

Yes, I love to organize. When I see someone has a mess somewhere in their house or their office I secretly fantasize I organize it. (Yes I know its kinda creepy). I try to keep my home organized because lets face it; it’s easier to find things that way and you feel good about it.

I noticed that even though I tried to keep my makeup pretty tidy, I found myself with a mess after I used it. So when I saw this on Flickr I got inspired to do the same.


I used a pretty green divider, a small rectangular box and a plastic divider. Then the fun began organizing everything so it looked pretty.


My brushes have a new home on top of my vanity table.

organized brushes

This is NOT all my makeup. I have more colored goodies wich I keep in my bathroom… but that is another story.

How do you keep your makeup organized?