If you can’t say something nice…


Everybody has the right to have an opinion.

I loved this bit of this classic Disney movie because it speaks some truth. You can have your opinion too. But there is a fine line between having one and criticizing someone with the double intention of hurting them.

Next time you find yourself gossiping about someone else’s life, think about for a second if it is really necessary to do so.

Keep the offensive comments to yourself.

There is no need to tell someone how ugly their dress is or how spoiled their kids are. No need to call anybody «fat» or «ugly» or even use the word «fag» or «retarded». Don’t be offensive and don’t be stupid.

When you badmouth someone else, it actually says more about you than the person you are talking about.

But first, let me take or talk about «selfies»

I overheard a conversation the other day of two girls talking about one of their friends saying «did you see her Instagram profile? All the selfies? She is so self-absorbed. I don’t understand why she would post so many pictures of herself.»

Well I’ll tell you why ladies: it’s her Instagram profile and she can do whatever she wants to do with it.

So I ask myself… what is Instagram for? Isn’t it supposed to be a personal picture sharing app? Why all the hate towards «selfies»? I see all kind of people taking them and posting them. Some people don’t, some people do. If you are feeling like taking a picture of yourself because no one is around or just because you want to share it with your friends on social media, why shouldn’t you do it?

So let me get this straight: if you take a picture of yourself is not ok, but if someone else takes it then it’s ok? Or the web-etiquette is just take pictures of landscapes and mugs? Or simply don’t have any kind of social media? Well, there is always space for haters on the web.

I also read many articles pointing out that people who take pictures of themselves are narcissist and stupid. There was one article that truly emphasized how the author hated «selfies». The comments made in this particular article were basically: «go read a book», «you fell into society’s trap», «dumb narcissist». I guess this guy hates 95% of the social media population because he says that having a social media profile of any kind is narcissist by its own. Oh ok. That makes a lot sense since he has a blog…

Well…let’s skip the haters part and let me share some pretty fun «selfies» or however you may call them: