Indoor plant inspiration: snake plant

plant 7

This plant is unkillable. Is that a word? Unkillable? Well I don’t care, this plant can’t be killed. If you do kill it, please by any means invite a plant into your home: EVER AGAIN.

The snake plants is an air purifying plant, so it’s great to have it inside your home. I have to confess my snake plants were «saved» from the streets. Pay close attention that I said «saved» and not «stolen». Thank you. They now live happily in my humble home.

I water them once a week, and sometimes I forget all about them. They don’t take it personal when you neglect them, hell, they even understand if you have a busy life!

They look elegant and sophisticated and give a homey feeling to every room. You can propagate them and they multiply fast. I took the picture above from my past post about how I keep my plants alive.

Here some inspiration:

snake plant collage

White floor inspiration

Am I the only person in the world who hates dark parquet flooring? Probably, because when I say so I get strange looks from people. I like light-colored wood and white floors. I know, I know, they get dirty really quickly and they also are high maintenance. But I am a neat-freak so I guess that it makes no difference for me.

When we bought our current apartment what I liked was the cream marble in the living room area and the hallway. What I hated was the ugly wood they used for the bedroom’s floor. So I always wanted to paint it white but couldn’t find the courage to do so because I am afraid that it won’t turn out the way I want it.

Here some inspiration for my future project (or my imaginary one).

white floors 1 white floors 2


Do you guys have white floors? Are they as beautiful as they look on photos?