Hairstyle inspiration: «the Bob»

I love this hairstyle. It is classy and elegant. The problem is I can’t pull it off unless I live with a flat-iron under my pillow. It’s not happening for me. Sure, I have worn wigs for photo shoots and the occasional party, but believe me if I cut my hair that short I will resemble a poodle who just got into a fight with his hairdresser.

corte bob

After seeing the movie «Chicago» I just got obsessed with Thelma’s hair. She looked so glamorous. So this week’s inspiration is «The Bob». I investigated a little and found out that there are different kinds of styles for this haircut:

  • Chinese bob: Cut at the neckline, bobbed up around the edge.
  • A-line bob: A typical bob cut, with slightly longer hair in front, cut in an asymmetrical style.
  • Shingle bob: An old-fashioned, dome-shaped bob with the back razor-cut very short into a V shape.
  • Chin-length bob: Cut straight to the chin, with or without bangs.
  • Buzz cut bob: Where it is shoulder-length in the front and close-cropped at the back.
  • Shaggy bob: A messy bob layered with a razor.
  • Shoulder-length bob: A blunt bob that reaches the shoulders and has very few layers.


Neon hair: bright pink ends

Ok, so here is the deal: I went crazy when I saw this trend last year. I am aware that it is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Todays inspiration is for the little rebels out there that think this look is fun. Let me tell you that if you like the look but are afraid of a permanent change, there is always pink hair chalk and semi-permanent looks. (Am I convincing or what?)

pink collage

I wanted a fun twist to my blonde ombre so I bought some pink dye and went for it…at home. I was terrified but excited. I knew that the worst thing that could happen was me not liking it so I would top it with brown dye and go back to normal.(Considering I could also go bald).

My attempt was successful. I did like it…for a while. I kept it for three months, had fun with it and eventually went back to my last look. Got it off my system.

Here is a picture I took last October of my new pink dip dyed hair (see how smart I am that I did it near Halloween? Just in case.)