The last 20’s: Happy Birthday to me

Foto 28-9-14 4 59 01 a.m.

Tarata-tan… My birthday was this past Sunday! You guys know my excitement when it comes to my b-day (I don’t know if the excitement is going to last till I am 50) but meanwhile, I still get all bubbly and happy on June 5th.

My sister is staying with us so she and Jimmy made sure I had a wonderful time. We had pre-party drinks at home with friends (with two cakes y’all) and then went dancing.

This year is going to be my last 20’s year so……… I am going to make the best of it!


7 things that make my summer rock

I just want to take a minute and thank my landlord for having an air conditioning system in her apartment. I am not kidding when I say that I would probably melt if it wasn’t for it. But that being said, this summer has been packed with tons of activities and lovely events!

1) Finding the juiciest cherries in the worldblog 1

2) Precious moments with my sister Stefi who came to visit alongside my parents and Nina3

3) Recording the new album with Jimmy, this project is very personal and I am loving every step of the way 2

4) Late night games: my dad crushing us all in Scala 40 5

5) This two girls coming to visit! My mafia: Valentina and Carola. We went to school together and every time we meet is pure fun!IMG_2719

6) In this pic my dear friend’s Maria T wedding and next to her my fun girl Luisa! Still can’t believe this day, we had such an incredible time!


7) One word: Frappe


How’s your summer so far? Let me know! ❤


Just let them know

blog love post

I am used to be the one who says I love you first.

I am the one who lets you know that I appreciate you. People always tell me I should not be like this because eventually others will take advantage of me (eventually they do).

Have you been backstabbed and lied to? Have you been mocked and been hurt? Do you feel like you should stop being so kind and loveable? Don’t. Please just don’t. If you do, you let them win.

Life is too short and too precious for holding back love. I think we get to spend so little time in this earth and with the people we love that is a waste of time to “hold back”.

Hold your loved ones hand. Take a good look at the people you love because believe me, they will not be there forever. Call someone, don’t just text. Be brave enough to compliment people when you see them instead of just leaving a “like” on their Facebook.

Don’t forget to let your parents, grandparents and family know how much you appreciate them and how thankful you are for the things they have done for you: remember that as you grow older so do they.




Pure bliss: 6 things that make my January rock

I have to confess I didn’t feel the year change on January 1st. I was so relaxed and prepared for it a month before that it felt quite good. We went to Barcelona to visit my brother-in-law and had a very nice time. (Barcelona post coming this Friday) It is such a beautiful city that I can’t wait to visit again!

Another lovely thing is that Daniel (the little sunshine of my life) arrived from Dublin to spend a couple of days in Madrid. Having him around reminds me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful friend. We celebrated his birthday and had so much fun!

I hope you guys had a lovely New Year’s Eve and are starting the year with a solid foot. I want to share with you my 6 favorite things that make January rock…

1) Stefi knows me so well. She sent me this lovely gift and I couldn’t be happier adding it to our home decor. 1


2) My face of pure happiness next to Daniel in his birthday. (Photo taken by the fabulous Christian.)


3) These guys. We giggled all day.


4) My friend Maria Teresa got me this beautiful ballerina from Vienna! I loved it! 


5) Wrapping gifts with spray-painted pasta ribbons. 7

6) Jimmy made some «antipasto» and we had a movie marathon on Sunday night. 


How is your year going so far?

The art of standing out


I am sitting still and meditating a little. It is hard to concentrate with all the noise outside my window. I try to focus on my breathing but it is hard to breathe when you have a small pain piercing your heart.

Sometimes I miss a lot of people and a lot of things that used to make me happy. But sometimes you have to let go and keep moving forward.

When I decided to become a dancer I knew the road would be lonely. Dancers often submerge in their world and isolate themselves in straining rehearsals, studios full of competition and with no time for external contact with the rest of the world. I decided to stop studying dance when I felt that it wasn`t fun anymore. I stopped dancing because I was getting more pain than satisfaction. Dont get me wrong, I still love to dance and I always will. Personally, dancing has become like a long-lost lover that I miss but know it’s not the most important thing in my life anymore.

When I stopped being a dancer I became a singer. It wasnt something that started overnight, I always sang, but I decided to pursue it as a career because music was a big part of my life. I loved to write my songs and started to drain emotions every time I wrote one.

So I isolated from the world once again. I lost close friends, I ignored the partying, I stopped smoking and drinking and eventually stopped living in the real world and submerged in the parallel world of music.

I started working like crazy. I went home from the studio at 4:00 am. Everybody else at my age went partying and having fun. The only thing that cheered me up was going again to the studio and working. It was my world and I loved it. It also came with a price: I was surrounded by some many people but I felt so lonely.

That is when I realized it was my fault and nobody else´s responsability but mine. The road to success often is a very lonely road. You will be alone. People will start to bring you down because they simply don’t understand you. But you are happy in your way and you know that in the end it will be all worth it. I still am working towards my goal. There are good days and bad ones. But I love it and it makes me truly happy.

Dont be afraid to dream big, don’t be afraid to fail, believe and trust yourself. I guarantee you that it wont be easy. But then again if it was easy, everybody would do it. Do not be afraid to stand out, whoever you are and whatever you wish for. Be thankful that you have a flame inside you that makes you strive for something big.

Everybody is unique, there is no exact copy of who you are. Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t want. Remember that at the end of the day your happiness depends only on you.