5 things right now: Summer through my Iphone

Foto 31-7-16 4 03 57 p.m.

I have to admit that even though I thought my arm would be useless forever, I am starting to feel a little better. When I say a little better I mean I can move my fingers now and grab a cup of coffee with my right hand again. Still, there is a lot of healing left and I am trying to be as patient as possible.

Some nights I stare at the ceiling (since sleeping on my back is the only position I can manage right now) and think about all the things I didn’t get to do this Summer and all the things that are «paused» until I get better. I have to stop this silly behavior and start focusing on the positive because either way time will pass and it is up to me to be miserable or focus on the good through it all.

Good news is I am writing a bit more since my hand is starting to work a little better now. Still planning ahead future projects and polishing some old ones. I did get to meet Toledo in a small day-trip, I am enjoying my terrace more and with Jimmy’s help I did get to upgrade and organize in a fun make-over my office/beauty room (post coming soon).

1. Sunday trip to Toledo.

Foto 31-7-16 5 02 14 p.m.

2. Coffee with my favorite mug (thank you Ivan 🙂 )

Foto 26-7-16 12 16 55 p.m.

3. Nina’s company

Foto 24-6-16 10 48 55 a.m.

4. Behind the scenes of Hispanic Kitchen’s videos (big thank you to Belen ❤ )

Foto 17-8-16 3 01 58 p.m.

5. I am going to miss sunsets like these.

Foto 4-8-16 9 41 51 p.m.

Are you guys having fun this Summer? 🙂

5 lovely things: December edition

Lately, I have a new small ritual in the morning; I wake up, turn off the bedroom heater and go to the kitchen to have my coffee. Nina wakes up exactly 15 minutes later (I truly think this happens because she somehow knows that I am the one who turns on the heater in the kitchen). I give my little monster her treat and then she goes back to sleep on my lap while I have my coffee while watching Snapchat stories.

I want to share with you five lovely things in this December edition (most of them include coffee drinking) It was hard for me to get into the Christmas feeling, but eventually I did.

This is my new cozy corner in the house: right next to the heater and some Christmas candy


I sometimes wish I was really small so I could fit inside Nina’s bed and have a cuddle party


They didn’t let us film that day our video clip, but I couldn’t resist taking pictures in this cool location 


My new favorite cookies: I am not doing the Dukan diet but their cookies are so good! 


Gifted myself this amazing shades: Merry Christmas to me




The love of my life


This post is inspired by Eva’s post about her lovely dog Sunny in her blog «Story to tell ya».(I bombarded her comments section with Nina’s whole story. Sorry dear.) No one will ever understand the unconditional love a dog can give you until they have one.

I have been a dog-lover since a small girl. I just can’t see one because I feel the terrible urge to go, hug them and pet them. All of them. But I used to make fun of people with small «purse» dogs. I loved Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds and Dobermans. Ignorant as I was, I didn’t know my life was about to change forever. 

There I was going to get a small puppy who would become an elegant and big dog. I chose a beautiful Siberian Husky puppy with deep blue eyes. I wanted to call her Nina.

Walking towards the back of the store I saw a small box with a sign that said “please do not touch”. I asked the lady why that sign was there and she told me that inside was a minuscule dog who was depressed since she got separated from her mother two weeks ago. This little creature did not move or eat since then. She sadly told me that the puppy will be euthanized the next day since she did not respond to any human contact.

The lady opened the box for me to see. Two sad eyes blinked and signed loudly. The lady tried to hold her but she did not move, even my boyfriend insisted in holding her. I put the Husky back and took Nina in my arms. I could not believe how small and fragile she was. At that point of my life I was feeling just like her: fragile with no reason to move. I was so depressed back then that I felt like curling up in a ball and lay right next to her in that box.

I felt her soft skin in my face. I kissed her and whispered how precious she was. She looked a me straight in the eyes and started to lick my face and wagging her tail like crazy.

I did not choose her, she chose me.

I don’t know how this is possible but Nina changed my life forever. She has taught me to love expecting nothing in return. She is my companion when I am sad, lonely or happy. When she sleeps she needs to feel my leg next to her in the bed. (Yes, she does sleep with me.) She is the reason I go home excited that someone is waiting for me since I left in the morning. She is a very peculiar and delicate dog. She is constantly sick and can’t walk with four legs (she has a bad leg), but I love her just the way she is.

People often tell me that I saved her, but when I think about it, she was the one who saved me.