How I prepare for Christmas

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I normally get in the Holiday spirit around the end of November but this year it took me a while to feel the vibe. I started decorating my home on December 5th and after that I added one or two accents every week. In our last home I couldn’t decorate much because it was so small that I really didn’t want to saturate the place.

I used our mini tree from last year but this time I added a small stool so it now looks bigger. I also bought some pillows and added a little fun to our fridge door.

Today I’m still working (from home) and I am feeling Christmas more than before. It is a lovely cozy feeling…

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Holiday feeling


Our tree is tiny just like our home. It’s kind of funny how small it is. (If Nina was here it would be the perfect tree for her). It was really easy decorating this tree, not to mention very fast too. This year I wanted to add some white to the tree and my little snowmen look absolutely cute.

I have to tell you I wasn’t sure if I was going to be in the festive mood for Christmas…but who am I kidding…I am always in that mood.

Here a little tour to our Christmas impromptu decor.




Indoor plant inspiration: snake plant

plant 7

This plant is unkillable. Is that a word? Unkillable? Well I don’t care, this plant can’t be killed. If you do kill it, please by any means invite a plant into your home: EVER AGAIN.

The snake plants is an air purifying plant, so it’s great to have it inside your home. I have to confess my snake plants were «saved» from the streets. Pay close attention that I said «saved» and not «stolen». Thank you. They now live happily in my humble home.

I water them once a week, and sometimes I forget all about them. They don’t take it personal when you neglect them, hell, they even understand if you have a busy life!

They look elegant and sophisticated and give a homey feeling to every room. You can propagate them and they multiply fast. I took the picture above from my past post about how I keep my plants alive.

Here some inspiration:

snake plant collage

White floor inspiration

Am I the only person in the world who hates dark parquet flooring? Probably, because when I say so I get strange looks from people. I like light-colored wood and white floors. I know, I know, they get dirty really quickly and they also are high maintenance. But I am a neat-freak so I guess that it makes no difference for me.

When we bought our current apartment what I liked was the cream marble in the living room area and the hallway. What I hated was the ugly wood they used for the bedroom’s floor. So I always wanted to paint it white but couldn’t find the courage to do so because I am afraid that it won’t turn out the way I want it.

Here some inspiration for my future project (or my imaginary one).

white floors 1 white floors 2


Do you guys have white floors? Are they as beautiful as they look on photos?