So far, but yet so close

Happy birthday to my gorgeous Mom. 

She is always there when I need her and I miss her with all my heart.

This picture was taken the day before moving to Madrid and I get really nostalgic when I see it.

We are far away but yet so close. 

May you have a wonderful birthday Manula!

I love you dearly. 

Foto 3-9-14 11 02 37 a.m.

June 5th through my Iphone


Yesterday I had a very calm and relaxed birthday. This day off was very much-needed. I woke up and had a yummy gluten-free breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen so my day started pretty nice. After that I pampered myself a little and then went to my parents house to spend the day with the family.


At night we went out and had a yummy dinner (sushi anyone?) with my family and Jimmy.

I was very excited to receive a lot of phone calls from Greece and Italy. I got to talk to my grandma who always brightens up my day. I am so grateful for having people who love me and I am so thankful that I got to spend the day with people I love. One of the best things today was receiving a lovely handwritten card from my sister Stefi. When I was a small girl, I would wish for a little sister. Now that I have her by my side I feel like the luckiest person alive.


Jimmy was very sweet all day. He takes birthdays very seriously and always tries to make them special. He got me this giant-singing-flower-candle that was spinning around on top of my cake.


My dad was telling funny jokes all night and my mom was smiling next to my mother-in-law. We laughed, we ate and we had fun.

I feel happy and blessed.



10 things I like about my birthday


When I was a little girl I used to count the days until my birthday every year. You have no idea how exciting was telling my friends that June 5th would be the day when I had everybody’s attention in school. The night before was usually a sleepless night counting the hours for my special day.

The past three birthdays have been a little stressful. I felt a little anxious the night before because my mind was focusing on «I am a year older now» and «I need to get my life together before 30» or «I wish I was 25 forever». This year I want to make it special as if I was 10 years old again. I promised myself to focus on the positive and forget about the «get your life together» craziness.

So I want to share with you some things I still enjoy about my birthday.

1) I fully charge my phone the night before because I have a big family in Europe who always remembers my birthday. Bless them.

2) My little sister Stefania always tries to make it special for me. This is one of the things I enjoy the most on my birthday, having her by my side.

3) I love that my birthday this year falls on a Thursday because it is my favorite day of the week. (Maybe that is why I unconsciously named the «OCD Thursdays» on the blog.)

4) I get to eat cake! (I am trying the gluten-free version this year)

5) I get to open some presents and I am the kind of person who loves EVERYTHING people gift me. Really.

6) Fun fact: Emeregildo Zegna and Federico Garcia Lorca share birthdays with me. (And my cousin Babis in Greece.)

7) Jimmy and I have this absolute fun tradition that we call «the birthday week» where we grand each other a week of celebration before the special day. You should try it, it’s fun!

8) Still having my parents by my side to share this day with.

9) I always make myself a gift. (Why? Well… why not?)

10) I am grateful that I am a year wiser, alive and looking forward to more birthdays!


Any other Gemini buddies out there?


Happy birthday Manula



In Greek «manula» means «mommy» and I have always called my mom like that since a little girl. Her birthday was on Tuesday but she decided to celebrate it yesterday. I made some «Marquesa de chocolate» (the Venezuelan equivalent of the German «Kalter Hund» recipe).This dessert can never go wrong on birthdays and it’s one of my mom’s favorites. She invited our neighbors that are extremely nice and fun so we laughed and had a fantastic time.  

Happy birthday Manula! I love you with all my heart!