You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium


There we go, same old story: he said, she said, you said, they said… blah, blah, blah.

Do we feel powerful when we badmouth someone? Talk behind their back? Do we feel stronger or even superior when we decide it’s a good idea to start talking vicious things of one another?

I say «we» because I include myself in that group. I try not to, but sometimes I find myself saying a couple of ironical stuff about others. Stuff that if the person was right there in front of me, would be definitely hurt.

I don’t like it and I will change it. At least I will try.

We are not born this way. I refuse to believe we come to this world already prepared to criticize and turn down people and say mean things. We learn to do so. We don’t only become mean to others but eventually we become out greatest bully.

We poke and insult ourselves. You don’t have to verbally say «I am an idiot» to yourself, but it is the same thing when you don’t respect yourself enough to walk away of a situation or person.

I try to avoid people who bring conflict into my life. I live and let others live too. I do not intentionally hurt someone or bring someone down. I just have more important things to do. You see, when you have a life, other people who don’t, will want to disturb that and interrupt that. They will obsess and they will try to take that happiness away from you. You go ahead and continue whatever you are doing that makes you happy (and awesome).

You go ahead…they will try to shoot you down but you won’t fall.

You are titanium.