Resolutions achieved! 2014 edition


My very first post on this blog was about 2014 resolutions. I thought that it would be a pretty nice thing to accomplish what I had wished for this year and surprisingly I did.

In the past, my resolutions were kind of big and sometimes I would get frustrated that I couldn’t make all of them happen. This year they were simple and they added a very nice touch to my year.

70% of the year I ate like I was supposed to: trying to avoid dairy, gluten and the other items of my no-no list. I have my migraines under control and I am feeling pretty great. I used to have them every-single-day and now with my special diet I am having 2-3 migraines a month.

I really did something new every month; I finished my creative writing course, I took screenwriting, I moved to Madrid, I saw Britney’s Las Vegas concert and so much more.

I exceeded my expectations regarding my exercise routine; I never exercised less than 3 times a week. Sometimes I did more but never less. My body is thanking me for this achieved resolution.

My small vacation was incredible! I had so much fun in Las Vegas with Jimmy. We seriously had a blast and laughed so much. That also includes my last resolution that was to smile more. I smiled everyday!


Did you guys accomplished your resolutions this year?