So yes, I am a dreamer


I dream every-single-night.

I even dream when I take a nap. I wake up and rewind my dream to see how much I can remember. I write it down. I sometimes encounter people I love that are not here anymore. My grandfather often appears in my dreams, he talks to me and I feel him really close. My father-in-law Mr. Carmelo often visits me and is part of my dream scene. Sometimes I dream I am singing on top of my voice and it is the best feeling in the world. Have you ever had the joy of dreaming you are flying?

I am truly free in this imaginary world of mine.

I also have nightmares and many nights I have woken up crying with bitter tears. I have to take a minute to realize it was just a dream and come back to reality. This happens rarely, but I also giggle sometimes and laugh. My boyfriend finds this funny and he is the one who tells me when I do. Imagine how freaked out he must feel sometimes having the person next to him deep asleep and giggling.

I told this to my neurologist and she told me it was fantastic that I did remember them. Not everybody does.

I don’t have to fall asleep to keep on dreaming, sometimes reality is so raw that all we see is black and white scenarios. But my dreams are colorful and I can turn them in anything I want to…


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