We love it: Cauliflower Pizza Crust


I crave pizza all the time. I have it from time to time but not as often as I would love to. I found many recipes to substitute normal crust with cauliflower crust and I told you guys I would try some of them in this post.

One small warning: your kitchen is going to smell nasty when you are boiling and draining the cauliflower…but it will be all worth it at the end!

Here is the recipe I followed from «Eat.Drink.Smile».

I changed a little the toppings. I drained the cauliflower «rice» and put it in a clean cloth. You have to squeeze all the liquid out. I also didn’t use the microwave I just boiled my rice with enough water and a bit of salt. After many crusts gone wrong, I learned that it comes out pretty crunchy when you drain all the water from the cauliflower.

So let’s begin!


12 comentarios en “We love it: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    • I am happy to hear that! Well… the truth is that once you put all the toppings on your pizza, you can barely remember that it’s made from cauliflower! Let me know how it went! 🙂

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