10 Random traveling tips

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There is something magical about traveling. You get to change your routine a little, explore new grounds or maybe revisit places. You get to pack and leave. (I really don’t understand people who hate packing because that is one of my favorite things to do before traveling.)

As you may have noticed, I am a really organized person but I was not born that way. As a kid I was the first one to leave clothes on the floor and leave my bed undone. I used to lose everything and I always left something behind every time I traveled. With time I learned that was not the way to get things done.

Today I want to share with you some tips I find useful while traveling.

1) I always bring an eye mask and ear plugs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long or short flight I always have them in my carry-on. They don’t take space and are really light to carry.

2) Do your laundry before packing. You don’t want to start packing and find out your favorite sweater is dirty.

3) I like to leave the house clean before I leave. You have no idea how wonderful it is to come back from your trip and find everything neat and clean.

4) I throw a dryer sheet in my suitcase. My clothes smell amazing once I unpack. In my country you can’t find dryer sheets so I make my own. Take a coffee filter and soak it in fabric softener. Leave to dry overnight. There you go: home-made dryer sheets.

5) Never bring a piece of clothing you have never worn before. I once bought a fabulous sequins dress and thought it would be a fantastic piece to take with me. The dress was heavy and took some prominent space in my suitcase. To make a long story short, I tried the dress once I arrived and it didn’t fit.

6) Always wear black or dark-colored pants. I once had the fantastic idea of wearing light colored bottoms just to spill coffee on them at the airport.

7) Planes get chilly so bring a sweater. If you don’t need it in the plane you can always use it as a pillow.

8) Bring sanitizing hand wipes. Believe me you always will find those handy.

9) Scan your passport, ID, driver’s license and ticket. Email them to yourself.

10) I hate entering hotel bathrooms and showers with naked feet. So I always bring a pair of flip-flops.

Hope these tips are helpful for your next trip!

My short story: The Window

the window

I stand behind the window in my room. The breeze outside is struggling to get inside. I see the lonely trees standing in front of me and I wonder how long until it rains again to make them come to life. Thanks to the wind their leaves are dancing effortless like ballerinas in the air. Such a beautiful movement distracts me.

When I come back from my imagination trip, I get philosophical about this window. I realize I am a spectator of what is happening outside and ask myself why on earth I have decided to sit here everyday and not be there enjoying life? I remember how much I loved being outside when I was little. I used to run around and get myself dirty with mud. Sometimes I picked the neighbors roses and nobody would notice. I used to run everywhere and then hide in my magic place behind the trees. I remember these things and get very nostalgic.

As I focus on the street, I notice something different. A little girl is staring at my window from a distance. She has a polka dot dress and a pink bow on her head. I guess she probably is nine years old. I wonder if she can see me and that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like being watched, it may sound ironic since I’m the one spying from my window.The little girl seems terrified but she does not move.  Why is she so scared? She approaches just a little and takes a double look at my window. What is her problem? Why is she so interested in my territory? Do I have to open my window and ask her?

I meditate a little and decide to go downstairs, open the door and talk to her. When I get up to open the door I stop abruptly. Then it hits me like lighting in a stormy night. I cannot leave this room. I have been a ghost for 20 years. I am trapped here forever…

Organizing my «baking shelves»

There is no doubt I like to be in the kitchen. I cook, bake and keep it clean. The problem is sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I leave a mess after my cooking tutorials. Yesterday I was searching for my piping bag and found a terrible mess in my «baking shelves». This particular place in the kitchen is supposed to be for storing my utensils but lately is has become the place where we «hide» most of the things lying around.

If I take a longer look at this picture I am going to have a heart attack. (What the hell is the rubbing alcohol doing in there??)


I took everything out, cleaned the space and rearranged everything. (Not to mention I put the rubbing alcohol where it belongs.)


Now I can continue living my life in peace. (Seriously, who on earth could store the rubbing alcohol there??)


Cat eye, red lips inspiration

We have to thank Ms. Marilyn Monroe for this one: black eyeliner and bright red lips are a fashion statement I love. I have to confess it is a high maintenance lip color because I find myself reapplying it several times. There are some nice no-smudge-long-wear reds out there but it’s not for me. My lips get weird and you better like the color because it is a-pain-in-the-neck to take it off.

So for this week I present you the cat eye-red lips inspiration:


 Here some useful guides:

– Fantastic red lip tutorial 

– Perfect cat eye tutorial 

– How to apply eye liner like a pro

My take on the trend:


Dinner party menu: Gluten-free version

I enjoy cooking for others. There is something unique and special about making food that other people enjoy. The expression on someone’s face when they like the meal I am serving is priceless. (They also have a specific expression when they don’t like the food, but we are not going there.)

So today I gathered some recipes and came together with a nice gluten-free menu for a dinner party. I am definitely going to try this and I will let you know how it turned out.


– Coconut curry

– Grilled rosemary and garlic salmon served with roasted polenta with avocado and radishes

– Sugar-free lemon curd mousse

Coconut curry recipe and photo thanks to Minimalist Baker:

first course

Grilled rosemary and garlic salmon recipe and photo thanks to Fake Food Free:

second course

Roasted polenta with avocado and radishes recipe and photo thanks to Dishing Up The Dirt:

side 2

Sugar-free lemon curd mousse recipe and photo thanks to the blog Nemacreditoqueesaudavel (the english version of the recipe is at the bottom of the post.)



4 rooms with an impressive view: Italian edition

There is something magical about opening your window and seeing a wonderful landscape or breath-taking scenery. There are no words that can describe the feeling you get when you open the curtains and paradise is waiting for you outside.

I found four amazing pictures of Italian rooms with a splendid view. Let’s just visualize we are there…soon.

1) Let’s leave our shoes right there before stepping out.

hotel 1 view

Photo Credits

2) Good morning sunshine.

hotel 2 view

Photo credits

3) Imagine sitting here. I could spend hours writing and writing non stop in that chair.

hotel 3 view

Photo credits

4) I love this view (and the incredible smoothie and fruits that apparently come with it).

hotel 4 view

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Time bomb

Jimmy and I make a pretty good musical team. We try to separate our personal lives when we are working and that is what keeps things interesting. We disagree in many things and it’s funny how we work together. In the last couple of years Jimmy became my producer and I felt really comfortable with it because he know exactly what music I like and how I want my tracks to be. Last year we decided to make a project together called «12/20» and I want to share with you guys our first single called «Bomba de tiempo» that in Spanish means «time bomb».

Our dear friend Dennis Nieves from «Dmenace Music» produced this track. He is a fantastic producer and working with him is more fun that work. I hope you guys enjoy the song as much as we did recording it.


Home idea: repurpose a ladder

I bought a bamboo ladder two years ago thinking it would be great for hanging towels in our bathroom. Problem was that the ladder was to big to fit comfortably next to the shower and it was too thick for the towels to hang. Fantastic. So the ladder went back and forth from our living room to our bedroom not fitting anywhere. Yesterday I found these pictures that inspired me to do something with the poor thing.

Fotor0418230713So I hanged my scarves. Not all of them, but the ones I use the most. Now I have them in display and they are easier to grab in my room. (I took this picture in the hallway so you can have a better look.) Sorry for the terrible light in the picture above. I promise I will get better lights for future pictures.



So what do you guys think? 🙂