My 5 favorite things (right now)

There is no such thing as «my favorite things of all time», they constantly change, but I have noticed that these five have remained my favorite. So for this Monday List post I want to share with you my five favorite things right now:

1) Tulips. There was a marvelous time where you did find tulips in Venezuela. No such luck nowadays. When I go to Europe to visit my family I make sure to always have fresh tulips at home because my grandmother loves them too.


2) Cakeholders. I have tons of them. Curious thing is I rarely use them as actual «cake holders» but often they are adorable decorations all over our apartment.


3) Ladybugs. Everything related to them brings a smile on my face. I do believe they bring you good luck.


4) Having something sweet for breakfast. Nowadays I rarely eat croissants in the morning (or at all), but when I was small and I lived in Italy my mom used to buy me a plain croissant for breakfast. It take me back to my childhood.


5) Macaroons. I refused to try them until one lucky day on my trip to Paris I did. That was a point of no return for me. My sister and I literally had them everyday for a week.


What are your top 5 favorite things?

2 comentarios en “My 5 favorite things (right now)

    • I love my kindle but there is nothing like old-school real paper books! Not to mention that I seriously don`t understand digital magazines. How on earth am I supposed to make a collageout of those? 🙂

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