Lets make it: DIY Tin Planter


This tin box was lying around the apartment. It was a protective box that came with a watch. I adore boxes but my collection has become somehow overwhelming.

After I saw this on Apartment Therapy and I got inspired.

I rescued a lonely succulent from my balcony and plant it in this little square. I used the top of the box as I drainage plate. Yup, that simple. am I a genius or what?

plant 2

One important thing: nail holes in the bottom of your tin because if you don’t, you plant will have a short life. 

plant 1

1) Hammer

2) Nail

3) A tin box (you can also use tin cans)

4) A succulent (cacti work perfectly too)


1) Nail holes in you tin.

plant 3

2) Plant your succulent.

plant 4

3) Put it a nice, sunny spot.




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