How to stick to your workout routine

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There is a little magic trick that boosts your energy, promotes better sleep, controls weight, prevents high blood pressure and improves your mood. You got it: exercise.

To have a healthy lifestyle and feel good you need physical activity. Since a teenager I tried all kinds of activities. I did ballet, I ran, I loved yoga, pilates and all kinds of dancing. When I had the time I went swimming and sporadically I did some spinning. Obviously all these were in different points of my life but nowadays I still like doing my ballet barre, yoga and running.

What I noticed is that with time I lost interest and simply stopped and started another practice. What I also learned was that perseverance brought endurance and endurance brought a life full of vitality.

Here are 5 tips to stick to your workout:

1) Get organized.

Write it down. Make a workout calendar. Don’t give me the excuse «I don’t have time». As I wrote in another post, an hour is just 4% of your day. So instead of hitting the couch of watching TV go for a walk. Remember to include in your calendar «rest days».  Don’t get burned out because you’ll end up quitting soon enough.

2) Choose an achievable goal.

Long time ago I used to set goals so high that I ended up giving up, frustrated and really pissed. I used to have this unrealistic goals: lose 20 pounds in 30 days, exercise for 2 hours 7 times a week, swim for 1 hour, hit the gym and then have a 2 hour ballet class. Realistic? No. Crazy? Probably. So choose one goal at a time and strive to achieve it. Make your workout all about being healthy and stop «punishing your body» with crazy goals.

3) Make it interesting.

Come on, don’t expect any changes if you are doing the same thing every time. If you want different results then try to change the exercise. If not it gets really really boring. I like to mix my week with yoga, running, ballet barre and sometimes I just walk. Try something new and switch from time to time.

4) Stop beating yourself up.

So here is the deal: you have started a thousand times a workout plan, an exercise resolution or a cardio class, just to drop it a month later. Its ok. We have all been there and done that. Your body is not the one giving up. Your mind plays a main role here. Get determined and remember why you started in the first place. Don’t forget the famous quote «the body achieves what the mind believes».

5) Remember that everybody has limits.

If your neighbor does 4 hours of cardio and 45 min of strength training everyday, it doesn’t mean you have to do that too. (Let me tell you that he might be a little obsessed or probably crazy). Talk to your doctor, a specialist or a trainer before starting any arduous activity. Do not push yourself to the limit because you’ll end up injured. Take care of yourself and have patience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get you butt off that chair, find yourself a physical activity that you like and get your heart pumping! You’ll thank me later…

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