Avoiding the silent monster

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Since a small girl I’ve always had migraines.Usually the pounding pain came from my eyes, then my neck and lastly nausea followed by a very irritable me.

So to make this 15-year-story short, I jumped from doctor to doctor trying different medication and had no success at all. After gaining almost 12 pounds, I talked to my doctor and stopped my medication altogether. 

After that I went to a nutritionist to help me get back in shape and drop those 12 pounds that were not mine to begin with. So I was in terrible pain, no desire to work out and with a lot of extra weight. Fun right?

My nutritionist basically told me I could eat lean protein, vegetables, some fruits and nuts from time to time. After two weeks with no gluten and also avoiding dairy products, I started to feel different. I noticed my pain was decreasing.

Then after 2 months of eating healthy my monster migraines started to retrieve into their cave. I felt energized and happy. After so long of enduring pain I finally had days were I was pain-free.

I am no doctor, but having had this long experience myself, this are my 5 tips to prevent a migraine.

1) Start writing a migraine diary.

At least for a while. Your doctor will find this very helpful for his diagnosis and you will know what triggers your migraine pattern.

2) Get some exercise.

I’m not telling you to lift weights and run 12 miles everyday because that my friend, sometimes leads to migraines itself. Go for a 20 min walk. Take a yoga class. Have sex. Anything that makes your body create some endorphins.

3) Avoid trigger foods.

Foods containing tyramine and/or nitrites can trigger a migraine. Personally what affects me the most is bacon, red wine, chocolate, tomato juice, canned foods and obviously junk food.

4) Sleep well.

Try to have a good sleeping pattern.The idea is to get your 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

PS: don’t pretend you can go all night dancing and drinking and wake up the next day feeling fresh like a lettuce. Drinking in excess is a no-no.

5) Relax a little.

You have only this life to live so you better stop stressing and obsessing over stupid little things. Enjoy life and smile more. That my dear is a combo for a migraine free life.

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