Fresh and simple: Greek Salad


Life often gets too complicated and thats why I like to keep it simple from time to time.

This recipe is one of my simplest, top favorite salads of all time. When I go to Greece to visit my family this dish is a must in every meal. Those mediterraneans do know how to bring colorful plates to the table!

So next time you are feeling like not cooking or have some unexpected guests coming, here is a fresh salad that can accompany almost any meal and will cheer up your day.

Greek salad:

(Serves 2, but feel free to multiply ingredients for more servings)


-Two tomatoes

-1 medium cucumber

-1/2 onion

-1/2 red pepper

-6-8 kalamata olives (feel free to use plain black olives but the taste will change)

-Feta cheese (the quantity depends on you, I used a piece as the palm of my hands)

-Oregano (1 Tbsp)


-Olive oil (2 tbsp)



1) Rinse the tomatoes, cucumber, onion and red pepper.

2) Cut the tomatoes into wedges. peel and cut the cucumber into slices, cut the red pepper and the onions into strips and lastly cut the feta cheese into cubes as shown in the picture below:


3) In a pretty bowl toss the tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, onion, black olives and feta. Mix a little with your hands.

4) Add a pinch of salt and the olive oil. Sprinkle with the oregano. (Add a small touch of parsley is you wish to add a little glamour to you salad)



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